Tools for therapist

Become a therapist in the U.K.

Are you a therapist in the process of starting a professional journey in the U.K.? We guide you through the steps necessary to start working in the English system.


Resources for your professional development.

A space at our therapists’ disposal where to find articles, guides and research materials on several psychological topics.


Courses and events.

We offer formation and continuing education through courses, workshops and events.


Do you need a studio?

We offer a directory service with many available options. Find a comfortable studio wherever it suits you and at a reasonable cost.


Have you just moved here?

Starting over in a new country may be challenging. We are here to support you through every step.


Decorate your studio.

It has been scientifically proved that the studio’s furniture and the impression a patient has of the first session are deeply related. Here are our tips.


Are you a therapist in the U.K? Join our team.

Join our team

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